Foulkes Brau

Foulkes Brau

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All our ales are brewed with only traditional ingredients - Water; Malt; Hops and Yeast. We do not pasteurize our beers and neither do we add any chemical preservatives.


The Beer



Bat-Shit-Crazy-Blonde ale is an ale named after our Yeastie. I kid you not, she really is Bat-Shit-Crazy. The Bat-Shit-Crazy-Blonde is an easy drinking malt-oriented American craft beer. It displays interesting fruit, hop and character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, it is a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors. The Bat-Shit-Crazy-Blonde displays as a clear straw colour.

  • ABV: ~4,7%
  • IBU: ~21,5
  • EBC: ~9


Darth-Mich-Mild ale is a traditional mild ale made with traditional English malts and hops. We named the Darth-Mich-Mild after one of our biggest supporters. With a twitter handle like that, how could we resist? The Darth-Mich-Mild is a darker coloured ale which is very lightly carbonated. The low carbonation level serves to highlight the rich malt character of this ale. One will find hints of chocolate and coffee within this ale. The hops utilised serve to add a deep, rich earthy flavour to the ale, rather than a bitter bite. Due to the low alcohol, this is known as what one might call a session ale. When held up to the light, the Darth-Mich-Mild displays a ruby red colour.

  • ABV: ~3%
  • IBU: ~11,6
  • EBC: ~48,4

Foulkes Oatmeal Stout

Foulkes Oatmeal stout is a stout made from traditional English malts and hops. Roasted oats are added to the mash to contribute towards the mouth feel. The Foulkes Oatmeal stout has a velvety, silky feel to the palate. There is a hint of coffee to the aftertaste. The Foulkes Oatmeal Stout is as dark as they come.

  • ABV: ~4,6%
  • IBU: ~25,2
  • EBC: ~82,3

Foulkes Pale

The Foulkes Pale is a flavoursome ale with a firm hop bitterness. The Foulkes Pale is brewed with traditional English malt and hops. The malt character carries touches of biscuit and the hops contribute hints of fruit. The Foulkes Pale is light yellow in colour and the hops are subtley balanced with the malt. A very refreshing drink.

  • ABV: ~3,5%
  • IBU: ~25
  • EBC: ~10

Foulkes Weißbier

The Foulkes Weißbier is made from traditional German malts and noble hops. The grist consists of 40% Pilsner malt and 60% Wheat malt. The Foulkes Weißbier is fermented at a low temperature to inhibit those undesirable esthers and phenols. Although this ale is fermented low, there is a hint of clove present. The Foulkes Weißbier is a light straw colour. Although this ale is highly carbonated; it is light, crisp and refreshing.

  • ABV: ~4,7%
  • IBU: ~13,1
  • EBC: ~6,9


FoulkesOkes APA

The FoulkesOkes APA (American Pale Ale) is a collaboration beer brewed with Two Okes Brewery. The FoulkesOkes APA brings a hint of honey and caramel to the taste with a nice crisp citrus finish. The spicy citrus bitter finish is long lasting. The FoulkesOkes APA is golden amber in colour with nice long lasting white foam head. The FoulkesOkes APA is crystal clear in appearance.

  • ABV: ~5%
  • IBU: ~39
  • EBC: ~14,5

Foulkes Kölsch

The Foulkes Kölsch is brewed with traditional German malts and hops. The Foulkes Kölsch is an ale which is fermented in the traditional German lager style. The Foulkes Kölsch brings a rich malt taste with a clean and crisp finish. There is a hint of fruitiness on the palate. The Foulkes Kölsch is crystal clear and pale copper in colour.

  • ABV: ~4,6%
  • IBU: ~24,7
  • EBC: ~6,4

Foulkes IPA

The Foulkes IPA (India Pale Ale) has a high hop bitterness with a lot of up-front American hop character. The Foulkes IPA features a low to clean malt character. This is the beer for the hop heads - it will make you cry uncle. The Foulkes IPA is deep orange in colour.

  • ABV: ~7%
  • IBU: ~64
  • EBC: ~13