Foulkes Brau

Foulkes Brau

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The people


Bruce is a vibrant, pleasant, hardworking individual who has a passion for great food and who enjoys creating and cooking mouth-watering dishes. Bruce enjoys working in a busy kitchen and takes great pleasure out of seeing happy customers enjoying their meals. Bruce possess a strong desire to deliver the best and client satisfaction. Bruce has over ten years experience in the culinary industry and coupled with his natural enthusiasm and proven ability to create great meals that all enjoy, Bruce definitely rocks the kitchen. When not creating some culinary masterpiece, Bruce can be found improving his knowledge of craft beer; scuba diving or reading.

  • Head Chef


Craig has been an avid home brewer for many years. Craig bought his first kit from a local brew shop and has never looked back. Ever the inquisitive - Craig had to play with the beer. He soon moved on from the usual "kit and kilo" to experimenting with partial mash and grains. This allowed him to re-create some of the glorious beers that he liked. When this wore out - full grain brewing was the only option. It was not long before Craig put together the dream of designing what is now our brewery, but also putting the plan into action. When Craig is not busy devising a new recipe, he can be found flying kites; watching trains or just reading a book.

  • Brewmaster


Hennie has a passion for birding; good food; fine wine and great beer. Hennie counts the pennies and makes sure that we run a tight ship.

  • Financial


Marike has an unfound passion when dealing with things on a cellular level. Marike looks after our yeast and makes sure that we have enough healthy yeast to pitch when we brew. When not looking after the yeast, Marike can be found looking after two doting toddlers; an adoring husband; stray animals and chasing horses.

  • Yeastie


Rachel has always had an interest in baking. Rachel decided to take food to the next level after a "pairing" session while tasting artisinal beers. Rachel looks after our baking selection and oversees the administration of our operation. When she is not busy at Foulkes, Rachel can be found chasing after her son; husband or horses with Marike.

  • HR / Admin / Bakery wizard

The venue

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